Vroomers:  It started with a toy.  We were hosting a national car show and had a cute plush replica of the car made to help fund the event.  Rhonda has always been a novelty slipper geek.  She kept looking at that plush toy and thinking "if it was only a little bigger I could wear it".  And so, Vroomers was born. The line has expanded from the Nash Metropolitan inspired slippers to microcars, vintage travel trailers and even robots (proceeds fund FIRST Robotics teams).

Creative Whimsies:  Demaree is a jewelry and clay artist creating items with her own unique vision. Hand crafted, each item is different from the next.  We're excited to offer her pieces here.


A Charming Life:  Charm bracelets are a nod to a time past, and bring our memories along with us.  They're fun, personal expressions of who we are, what we have done, and our dreams for the future.  From bracelets to keychains, there are always new things being added.


Altered Adventures:  Rhonda started playing with altering train cases, travel bars, creating canvas art ... and the next thing she knew she was listing them on etsy, and they were selling.  Go figure!  Now, several years later she's created over 300 cases that have been sold across the globe.  Each new idea, theme, customer request is an honor, and a new challenge.  Each piece is one of a kind.  


OurStuff4You:  Mark and Rhonda started selling on eBay in 1998 under this name.  Listed here are one-of-a-kind vintage or unique retro-inspired items.  Being lovers of things old, vintage and unique, we tend to accumulate and occasionally need to free things to new homes.  Everything listed here is extremely limited in quantity.

Nellie's Needle Creations: