• Custom order - Pulp Fiction magazine images train case


    Pulp Fiction. Cheap books with dramatic images, and fun story lines. They're becoming a collector item, in part because of the cover art. I think they're just a scream, and did a make-up case to celebrate them. There are detective stories, smut stories, sci-fi stores ... it's all about the fun and image. Titles such as "Naked on Roller Skates", "Pulp", "Sin on Wheels", "Sensational Crime Confessions", "Phantom Detective" and "Marijuana Girl" are just a few of the titles on this case. This case has a bit of a vintage trailer vibe with not only "Sin on Wheels", but "Trailer Camp Girl", "The Trailer Park Girls", "White Trash" and "Trailer Trash". It's a scream! Yes, even the bottom is covered. 

    The cases shown are not available. They show examples of cases done with this theme.  This listing is for a "made to order" case.  I will work with you to select a case from my inventory and it will be modified using this theme.  Production time averages 3 weeks.  You will receive updates on its progress as it is created.

    Each case is unique, and all the cases I use are vintage. Because they are vintage, they may show signs of wear. Sometimes clasps show wear, or if trim is painted, there may be some signs of wear there too. I think it adds to their charm and appeal, as each case tells a story. I am always looking for new cases, so my stock of available cases is always changing as they're sold and more come in. 

    I use my cases in my vintage travel trailer whenever I'm out with Sisters on the Fly or Tin Can Tourists. One holds my first aid items, one holds make-up and one holds all our lights for our vintage travel trailer when they're not in use. Use your imagination, be unique ... have fun!