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    Live in the Moment

    I was recently reorganizing my studio and decided I didn't like the cup I had my pens, scissors, paint brushes, etc. jammed into. It was too short, tipped over, stuff fell out. I noticed some cute galvanized pails I had set aside and BAM ... inspiration struck. I customized one for my studio and now I'm hooked. :)   

    This pail has a cute denim bottom, with inspirational images on the top and a "Live in the Moment" charm. "Follow your dreams", "Be Free", "She turned her can's into cans and her dreams into plans", You have the choice to create the life your heart is yearing to live", and other inspirational phrases surround the pail. I picture this as a gift for someone who is advancing into a new phase of her life - be it graduating from high school or college, starting out on a new job, maybe entering a new job opportunity, or re-inventing herself after a big life change. It can be used to hold desk items like I use it for, or maybe makeup supplies, or a cocktail or two, or trinkets in a kitchen ... the options are endless. 

    The bucket measures 7" tall and 8" across the top, handle to handle.  This is a "one of a kind" item. Each of my creations is unique, just like you ... and the people you love.

    Thanks for looking!