• Rosie the Riveter, World War 2 II working women theme pail one of a kind gift


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    Rosie the Riveter

    I was recently reorganizing my studio and decided I didn't like the cup I had my pens, scissors, paint brushes, etc. jammed into.  It was too short, tipped over, stuff fell out.  I noticed some cute galvanized pails I had set aside and BAM ... inspiration struck.  I customized one for my studio and now I'm hooked.  :)   

    I had the great honor of participating in a World Record Setting gathering of Rosie the Riveters at Willow Run in Michigan.  It was incredibly moving and a true honor to meet some of the original "Rosies" that were in attendance.  I created a train case in honor of the event, and then more, and now, this unique pail.  The ribbon around the middle is in tribute to the red polka dot headband in the original Rosie images.  These women paved the way for the women of today and we owe a great debt to them.  

    The bucket measures 7" tall and 8" across the top, handle to handle.  

    This is a "one of a kind" item.  Each of my creations is unique, just like you ... and the people you love.

    Thanks for looking!