• Vintage Vogue Magazine covers theme train case, makeup bag, flight bag


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    Vintage Vogue Magazine Covers carry bag

    I LOVE these magazine cover images.  Starting from the early days of Vogue, up through the mid 70's, I selected images from a wide range of styles, looks, and eras.  You're fashionable, shouldn't your bag be fashionable too?

    This case measures approx. 10" x 12 1/2" x 4" not including the handle.  

    Each case is unique, and all the cases I use are vintage.  Because they are old, they may show signs of wear, clasps might show wear, or if the trim is painted there may be some signs of wear there too.  Sometimes the interiors have light staining.  I think it adds to the charm and appeal, as each case tells a story.  

    I use my cases in my vintage travel trailer whenever I'm out with Sisters on the Fly or Tin Can Tourists.  One holds my first aid items, one holds make-up, one holds our lights... you get the idea.  Use your imagination.

    If you have a theme you would like but you don't see it - let me know.  I can create something custom just for you!

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